Garment Division

Product Development

It is one thing is to design a garment, it is another to entirely shift the limits of that which is imaginable and achievable. It’s one thing to industrialise a product, it’s another to renegotiate and expand the potentiality of the available technical arsenal. Beste has chosen to address both sides. It is precisely by working in research and development that the Garment division cultivates its own originality and transforms it into a most efficient commercial leverage.


First of all, this is made possible by the completely vertical nature of the group. The capacity to keep both the textile design and garment development under the one umbrella enables the materials to be already structured according to their use. More precisely, to consider or modify them on the basis of the final product’s aesthetic and performance-related requirements.


Nonetheless, any significant leap forward (would not be possible) without adequately extensive, evolved and well structured technical resources. The internal availability of equipment such as laser cutters, modern textile welding machines, dyeing vats, and a sophisticated colour management laboratory consents to transform innovation into a gaze which continually shifts from assembly features to finishing and garment treatments, to aspects of confection to those pertaining to the nature of the materials, and vice versa.