Garment Manufacturing

Garment Construction Laboratory

Quality and efficiency of a product do not depend only on the quality of the design but also on the tools used. When the tools are ill-suited, obsolete or, even worse, inexistent, the only thing to do is invent new tools. Beste’s garment manufacturing emerged exactly for that reason in the spring of 2015; that is, with the objective to create a production environment that is finally capable of producing a new generation of garments. The partial obsolescence of traditional garment construction techniques, the integration of laser sewing machines, sealing machines, presses and ultrasound machines, and – finally – the ability to translate this technical equipment for use in the complex world of luxury products all represent the unique features of this small laboratory. Staffed with 30 employees specialized in different areas, this laboratory has been able to fill a not-so-evident yet real void in the national and international textile and garment industry.


It is impossible to master production processes without knowing them, and one cannot fully know them without working with them directly; or rather, without that everyday sum of trails, errors and successes that build the concrete foundation of an industrial evolution. Beste’s history, with its driven journey towards verticalization, rests on and is guided by these premises.


Beste’s manufacturing plant does not only include traditional and next-generation machinery for garment assembly but also extends to garment finishing machinery. Dyeing and washing tumblers, with the infinite variations on these machines, are a precious resource as production processes become ever the more complicated and less linear.