UNI EN ISO 14001:2004

13 May 2004

Certification establishing the requisites of an “environmental management system” for our entire productive process.


14 November 2005

Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) which is part of the voluntary instruments started with the V Environmental Action Program. EMAS’ primary goal is to push a sustainable economic development, stressing on the role and responsibilities of factories.

Colle Photovoltaic Plant

8 June 2010

Installation in our Colle facility of a photovoltaic plant generating 300 Kwp, with a yearly production forecast of 295.000 kWh.

Prato Photovoltaic Plant

8 August 2010

Installation in our Prato facility of a photovoltaic plant generating 395 Kwp, with a yearly production forecast of 280.000 kWh.

Usella Photovoltaic Plant

8 April 2013

Installation in our Colle facility of a photovoltaic plant generating 60 Kwp, with a yearly production forecast of 65.000 kWh.

Led Lighting Plant

16 November 2015

100% replacement of lighting units with new, LED based lighting units, both in Beste’s logistic plant and productive plant.

Detox Commitment

23 February 2016

After a long journey, consisting of research and examination of its own environmental parameters, Beste has set an ambitious goal to sign the Greenpeace commitment: the highest form of environmental sustainability guidelines known today aiming to eliminate toxic substances from the production cycle. View certifications

Led Plant Dimming

7 March 2016

Dimming is the natural completion of a lighting system’s consumption efficiency. Our lighting plant will be dimmed according to the amount of natural light present in our facilities, thus reducing power consumption.

Publication of Chemical Product Screening Results

16 June 2017

One of the principle instruments in proactively managing environmental sustainability is the monitoring of chemical products used in the production process.  Beste wants to go beyond the simple compliance requests of their suppliers and instead wants to be able to create a screenshot based on the most innovative technologies and most restrictive regulations.

Publication of Beste’s first Sustainability Analysis

6 December 2017

After close internal examination of how best to convey its journey towards sustainability, with this Sustainability Analysis, Beste has been able to identify the common language through which to communicate with both suppliers and clients.  This instrument allows Beste to assess what has been accomplished and give value to future objectives.

Publication of the first Life Cycle Assessment

4 December 2018

At Beste we believe that creating top-of-the-line fabrics with a low environmental impact is no longer enough. The creation of a fabric or a garment must take into consideration of the impact that it will have on the environment not only during its use but also during the stages of production and disposal.